Memorial Day Events Span the State This Weekend

The weather was perfect Sunday for parades and other patriotic events happening around our state.

Many people pausing for a moment to honor those who served our country on the eve of Memorial Day.

Lots of families have made the Cheshire parade a tradition.

“We should never forget the price that was paid for the freedoms that we enjoy. That’s the way I look at it,” said Howard Renker of Glastonbury.

The parade is personal for him. “I lost friends in the Vietnam War, so it’s my way of honoring them.”

“It makes us thankful that we’re here because men died for the right to live in a town like Cheshire and enjoy a parade like this in this beautiful weather,” said attendee Jonathan Houdini.

“I’m sweating a lot. Just saying that, but it’s beautiful. This whole week has been beautiful,” said Giada Puliseiano of Cheshire.

For more than two decades, New Haven has hosted a Memorial Day tribute, a performance with patriotic tunes. “We are very happy to see that even the younger generation is starting to embrace Memorial Day and the understanding of Memorial Day,” said Frank Alvarado, who is on the New Haven Veterans’ Affairs Advisory Committee.

With more events Monday, grocery stores were grooving Sunday evening. “Picking up a few things for our little get together on the patio tomorrow,” said Peter Hutu of West Hartford.

Lots of folks grabbing last minute grilling grub because who wanted to be indoors during the day? “We we’re enjoying the sunshine we went to East Beach Rhode Island that’s why we have some color on your faces,” Grace Koral.

In New Britain, we found two marine vets were sprucing up the Iwo Jima Memorial Monument for Monday’s ceremony.

"We love this park because it’s an honor to them and that’s why we’re here,” said Vietnam era veteran Raymond Carrier of Prospect.

Serving our country even after their time in the service.

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