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Michelle Troconis' Attorney Speaks About Latest Developments

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“I have not received everything that I am entitled to,” attorney Jon Schoenhorn said.

In the latest motion filed by Michelle Troconis’ attorney,  Jon Schoenhorn is now asking the chief state’s attorney to turn over evidence he believes is missing from the discovery in his client’s case. Troconis has been charged with two counts of hindering prosecution, tampering with evidence and conspiracy to commit murder. She has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

“Whether that was the state’s attorney misunderstanding, in any event if he doesn’t have it that means that the police are withholding it and that raises a lot of questions in my mind,” Schoenhorn said.

Specifically, Schonehorn says he’d like to see DNA evidence, video and audio of statements made by Troconis to police. Schonehorn also says he believes there could be more video the state has not given him of Troconis on the night Jennifer Dulos went missing.

“I have reviewed at least some of the surveillance video tapes and I have come to the conclusion that what is described in the warrant is inaccurate,” Schonehorn said.

In Troconis’ arrest warrant, state police say she was seen in the black pickup truck driven by Fotis Dulos in Hartford the night Jennifer Dulos went missing. Investigators say Dulos was seen dropping off trash bags along Albany Avenue, items in the bags later tested positive for Jennifer’s blood.

“I have not seen anything that suggests that she was involved in throwing away anything, what you see her doing is wiping her hand and it looks like she had something on her hand,” Schoenhorn said.

State police say Troconis’ DNA was found on several of the trash bags but Schoenhorn says he’d like an explanation of the evidence.

“The DNA testing that they can do is so very narrow and so very sophisticated that they can find as little as a half dozen skin cells,” Schoenhorn said.

In a separate motion, Schonehorn is also asking for Troconis’ case to be transferred to Hartford County, calling police bringing Troconis’ case to Stamford a scheme to attempt to break her down by pulling her away from her loved ones.

“They allege that crime occurred in Hartford the second arrest alleges that occurred in Avon. I maybe didn’t major in geography but both of those towns are near Hartford or in Hartford County and they’re not near Stamford,” Schoenhorn said.

Last week chief state’s attorney Richard Colangelo told NBC Connecticut he is working to turn over discovery to Troconis’ attorney, he did not respond to us Friday when we asked about these specific requests.

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