Middletown Police See Spike in Motorcycle Thefts

Middletown police are seeing an increase in motorcycle thefts for the second summer in a row.

Several motorcycles have been stolen from the Westlake Drive area.

“Saturday I brought [my motorcycle] here. It made it through Saturday night but didn’t make it through Sunday night,” said Jeff Robbins.

The following night, Robbins the crooks came back for his roommate’s motorcycle, according to Robbins. His roommate tied his motorcycle to a tree limb, and the thieves had to break the limb before they could take the bike.

Robbins says the police told him the thefts have almost become a daily occurrence.

Last year, several motorcycles were stolen from the same area. Police said the suspects cut the locks and hauled the motorcycles away in a van or box truck.

“My motorcycle was blocked by another motorcycle and a car and a tree on the other side. They must have just went around and just multiple people just picked it up,” said Robbins.

Even those living in the area without a motorcycle fear the trouble could easily escalate.

“Pretty much you have to be a lot more aware,” said Taurean Phillip. “You don’t know what else could be next.”

While Robbins has no doubt he’ll ride again, he plans to store his next bike far away.

Police are asking owners to store their bikes in a locked garage.

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