Middletown Vet Holding Vaccine Clinics for Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus

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A vet in Middletown is holding vaccine clinics to protect pet rabbits from Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus.

The vaccines will be given at Pieper Veterinary on Randolph Road in Middletown starting on Wednesdays by appointment only.

Officials said the virus is incredibly contagious and is deadly. It was recently confirmed in New York and Connecticut.

The virus spreads rapidly among both wild and domestic rabbits and hares. It can also survive and be on various surfaces including shoes, tires, insects, bedding and food.

"With an over 90% mortality rate, symptoms can appear very suddenly and there are no treatments once a rabbit has the disease," Pieper Veterinary Primary Care posted about the disease on Facebook. It can't be transmitted from animals to humans.

The Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus vaccines are a two-part vaccine that is given over two days, three weeks apart. The cost of the vaccine is $180 per rabbit which includes the initial vaccine, booster and identification.

The vaccine is for rabbits four weeks or older who live in Connecticut.

Anyone wanting to sign up can call (860) 347-8387.

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