Milford Residents Outraged Over Klan Flyers

Flyers from the United Klans of America were left at homes on Monday.

Some residents in Milford are outraged after finding flyers on their properties from the United Klans of America organization on Monday.

The flyer with letterhead, United Klans of America or UKA read:

Neighborhood watch.
You can sleep well tonight
knowing the UKA is awake.

Andrea Cashman said she immediately researched the Alabama-based organization after getting the flyer and was disturbed.

"Racist information, and talking about getting up and fighting and having guns," Cashman said.

The notes came folded, inside small plastic packages that were weighted down with white rocks.

Chester Ignatowski said he also found a letter on his property on Monday morning.

"Somebody got to be stupid," Ignatowski said.

Many of the residents told NBC Connecticut they never saw the person who dropped off the packages.

They also said they have no interest in a UKA Neighborhood Watch.

"We want them out of the neighborhood, no way," Cashman said.

Scot Esdaile of the Connecticut NAACP said he found the notes upsetting, but not surprising.

"We've had many situations with the white wolves, the skinheads and the KKK in the particular areas of Milford and Stratford," said Esdaile.

The United Klans of America organization did not return NBC Connecticut's calls for comment on Tuesday morning.

Mildford police said they are aware of the situation and will monitor any activities in the areas of Wheelers Farms Road, Herbert Street and Coram Lane.

Police also said the UKA neighborhood watch is not a legitimate program.

Milford police asked anyone with information about the person distributing the flyers to give the department a call at 203-878-6551.

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