Moose on the Loose in New Milford

Galloping through backyards and back roads, a moose on the loose has made its way to New Milford.

The moose, identified as a young male, was spotted on Route 202 on Monday afternoon. By Tuesday morning, he had wandered into downtown.
Dozens of onlookers stopped along the road to snap pictures of the moose as it wandered into Bob Heffernan's backyard.
"There was traffic, crowds and police cars, and you wonder what’s going on at your house," Heffernan said. "Then I heard it was a moose, and I was like, 'Really? A moose?'"
The moose was spotted downtown on Tuesday morning, strolling through the New Milford Hospital parking lot. Police had to respond and help herd it away.
"We were able to block off some of the roads and guide the moose into a more wooded area," Lt. Lawrence Ash said.
DEEP is reminding those who consider taking pictures that moose can be dangerous. They can charge at you at any moment and officials have no idea where this moose will pop up next.
"Last we saw him he was headed east towards Roxbury," Lt. Ash said. "Hopefully he is off to greener pastures."

In the wake of recent moose sightings in New Milford, Farmington and East Haddam, DEEP also urges drivers to use extra caution and be observant while driving in areas where moose have been spotted. 

Moose near roadways pose a particular danger because once struck, they are more likely to collapse through a vehicle windshield due to their tall stance.  They are also difficult to see when driving at night.

Connecticut’s moose population is estimated at 100 to 150 animals and they are found most often in the northeastern and northwestern wooded corners of Connecticut but have been seen in most other parts of the state.

The moose has created quite a buzz on Twitter.

There is even a Facebook page for Marty the New Milford Moose, documenting his journey around town.

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