Mother Speaks Out About Losing Infant Daughter After Deadly Crash

Kassandra Nunez lost her infant daughter in a car accident in September.  She wants justice for her child and for the first time she is sharing her her devastating story about the loss of her baby and what she thinks about the driver.

The accident happened at the intersection of Spencer Street and Hillstown road on September 5, 2013.

Police said a car was headed north on Hillstown Road and collided with another vehicle. The car carrying Kassandra and her daughter rolled over and hit a telephone pole.

Police arrested the teenage driver accused of causing the crash and killing Nunez's 5-month-old daughter on Wednesday after she turned herself in.  The teen is set to appear in Rockville Juvenile Court.

"I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy, it's not a good feeling," Nunez said.

The heartbroken mother said she was in the passengers seat  when the 17-year-old driver ran a red light and slammed into her SUV. Aubrey in the backseat.

Investigators said there's no indication the teen was on a cell phone or under the influence.

Nunez's sister was behind the wheel of the SUV. Her 11-month-old son was also in the back seat and suffered a serious head injury from the impact.

Both women want the driver held accountable.

"She should face some jail time, she did kill a baby," Shayla Nunez said.

Police are not releasing the 17-year-old's name because of her age.

The teen is charged with manslaughter and assault.

According to Investigators, the children were in car seats and properly secured.

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