Mural Honoring Nipsey Hussle Brings Hundreds to Hartford Skatepark

In the wake of Nipsey Hussle's death, a large mural honoring the slain hip hop artist brings hundreds to Heaven Skatepark in Hartford.

"It's sad that someone that does so much for a community that inverted his lifestyle to do much greater is gunned down," fan Melissa Mahon said. "He's a modern-day Martin Luther King."

The huge crowd that gathered for the vigil is a testament to Hussle's legacy and how he touched so many lives.

"He just was somebody who really like could bring people together and just really like understood himself as a person and try to like spread that kind of knowledge," mural artist Corey Pane said.

People came to remember Hussle's work and talk about how he will shape their future.

"We've got to keep the positivity going," fan Sarita Carter said.

"He has helped so many people through certain stages of life," fan Marques Boasu said.

Fans of the slain rapper say even though his life was cut short, his memory will live on.

"With our generation, you see it's very tough with individuals now trying to find their way, find their purpose," vigil organizer Daeson Benjamin said. "I just want to figure ways I can give back and help individuals."

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