New Britain Mom Upset That Disabled Son Has to Walk to School

A New Britain mother is fighting for her disabled son.

Kechia Giraud said her 5-year-old son Xavier was born with Larsen Syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects bone development from which she also suffers.

Giraud said it’s painful for her and Xavier to walk to and from Smith School every day. Since they live less than a mile from the school, bus transportation is not provided.

“With our condition, we get tired quickly of walking. I have the condition; I can’t walk more than a block,” said Giraud.

Giraud said she’s been going back and forth with the school district, but her request to have Xavier picked up and dropped off has been denied, even after she said she handed in a doctor’s note.

“I’ve been fighting this for two months and they keep denying me,” said Giraud.

School officials, however, said it was the medical providers who made the decision that Xavier doesn't need to be picked up and dropped off.

“There have been many conversations with the parent between the parent and the school, and also between our medical professional and the parent and her medical doctors,” said Dr. E. Ann Carabillo, with the Consolidated School District of New Britain.

“This particular child does not have a disability that would warrant him or her having curb-to-curb transportation,” Carabillo added.

Giraud said she’ll keep fighting.

“To me, it’s discrimination. He’s disabled,” said Giraud.

The school district has offered to work with Giraud to introduce her to neighbors who will be walking with Xavier to school. School officials said they also offered to meet Xavier in the lower parking lot and walk up the hill with him, so that his mother doesn’t have to make that trip.

Giraud said she doesn’t feel comfortable having her son walk with the neighbors. He’s already missed two days of school because his mother’s car broke down, and now she has no way to drive him.

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