New Haven Police Modify Patrols After Dallas Police Shootings

The New Haven Police Department is making some changes to how they patrol after the attack in Dallas that killed five police officers and injured five other officers and two civilians.

A statement from New Haven police said that officers who often patrol one-to-a-car will be paired up and they are implementing other methods known to make patrol patterns less predictable.

Command staff has addressed the patrol officers and detective about the changes and their mission is to provide for the safety of New Haven’s and themselves.

“Chief Dean M Esserman and the rank and file of the New Haven Police Department stand with our partners in law enforcement around the world as we come to grips with the vicious attack on 12 Dallas, Texas Police Officers and two civilians. Five people – exceptional people, people who’d dedicated their professional lives to protecting their communities are dead and we are heartbroken,” a statement from the police department says.

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