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New Haven Seniors Celebrate 2020 With Spirit

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New Haven honored its high school seniors with a parade on Thursday.

“It was really exciting and very fun seeing all of my teachers and stuff,” said Lesly Mellado, a graduating senior at Career High School.

“They’ve been doing public school for thirteen years. I think they deserve a parade,” said Christoph Whitbeck, a science teacher at Metropolitan Business Academy.

Seniors from 11 high schools around New Haven got to see familiar faces one more time, as teachers and staff came together after three months apart.

“This pandemic has changed a lot of things, but right now I think it’s very, very welcoming that all these teachers made this all possible for us,” said Mellado.

“It’s fantastic,” said Whitbeck. “It’s really kind of a bummer for a lot of the kids. They couldn’t have prom, they couldn’t have the graduation in person, so I think it’s nice the city and the district is doing everything they can to celebrate the students.”

“The turnout has been awesome,” said school superintendent Iline Tracey.

Cars rolled through Lighthouse Point Park past signs, flags, and cheers.

“We thought it was necessary to have something big for them in addition to their drive-through graduation that they will have here next week,” said Tracey

It may not be the prom before graduation, but it will be an unforgettable day, in a year they will never forget.

“That was really exciting seeing that they do support us right now,” said Mellado.

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