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New Haven Students Walk Out Over Funding for Mental Health Services

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Hundreds of students in New Haven have walked out of class as they protest for the city to reallocate $6 million from the police budget to go toward mental health services.

Students from eight schools chanted and carried signs while marching from the New Haven Green in a protest led by the Citywide Youth Coalition.

They want to see money reinvested into the school district, to boost the number of school psychologists, social workers and support personnel.

One student said high school students often are not allowed to express the trauma they have.

A parent said if there was a show of interest in youth mental health, maybe children can be less suicidal and show more interest in finishing school.

“We don’t prevent our students from rallying and protesting. They have a voice, so we appreciate them making their concerns known, whatever they are,” Supt. Iline Tracey said Thursday.

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