New Law Strengthens Rules on Children's Car Seats

Beginning this fall, a new law goes into effect strengthening Connecticut’s passenger safety laws for children.

Starting October 1, children must remain rear facing until they are 2 years old and they weigh 30 pounds. Previously, the law said infants were rear facing until they were 1 year old and 20 pounds.

What about for older children in a 5-point harness seat?

The law previously stated they had to be in one until they weigh 40 pounds. The new law adds they must also be in the harness seat until the age of 5.

Children must also use a booster seat until they weigh 60 pounds and are 8 years old; that’s a year longer than the old law.

Associate Director at the Injury Prevention Center at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center Kevin Borrup said with 40,000 people nationwide killed in crashes last year, anything to keep children safe is worth it.

“When children sit in a vehicle and they’re not appropriately restrained, they can fail to be restrained by the restraints that are there and seriously be injured in a crash or having the seatbelts positioned incorrectly on them can cause injury as well,” Said Borrup.

Safety experts say keeping young kids in rear-facing seats creates a cradling effect to better protect them in a crash and spending more time in them will only protect them more.

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