New London Moves Forward With Plans for Thames River Apartments Property

The City of New London is moving forward with plans to repurpose the property of the blighted Thames River Apartments.

The New London Housing Authority has officially transferred the approximately 15-acre property to the City of New London for $185,000. The price was determined by subtracting the estimated cost for demolishing and remediating the property, which came in around $1 million.

The federally subsidized Thames River Apartments on Crystal Avenue were plagued by issues including mold, roaches, and mice. Residents dealt with deteriorating conditions for years until the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Choice Voucher program provided a grant to relocate all the families. All the residents moved out by this summer.

The city’s development corporation, The Renaissance City Development Association (RCDA), has already received two letters of interest with plans to redevelop the property. The city is planning industrial and commercial use of the space.

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