New London Residents Heated Over ‘Pay-as-You-Throw' Trash Plan

“Dump this trash plan.”

That’s the message from fired-up residents in New London, as the city debates a new garbage program.

The proposal would require people to pay for every trash bag they throw out. This would work by requiring people to buy special bags at stores that they could then put out to be picked up.

The mayor calls this a way to keep curbside service going without raising taxes. But the idea isn’t going over well.

There is growing concern about a proposal that could require people to pay more to throw out trash.

“It’s just more money out of people’s pockets. I think there’s going to be big problem with that,” said resident Kevin Rood.

Monday night people packed a City Council meeting, many speaking out against the idea, dubbed “Pay-as-You-Throw.”

Many taxpayers are upset that the plan would require them to pay for every garbage bag they throw out and then is picked up curbside by city workers.

For example, special large trash bags would be sold at stores for $1 each.

But city officials counter with what they see as the benefits, including promoting recycling.

“The ‘Pay-as-You-Throw’ program will cut our municipal waste between 40 and 50 percent in the first year,” said Mayor Michael Passero.

Passero told NBC Connecticut the plan could save the city upwards of $700,000 a year. He also pointed out that everyone might have to pay including those who are tax exempt.

“It’s a fair and more equitable way to pay for a city service and to preserve that service quite frankly,” Passero said.

But many remain skeptical.

“I think there’s other options we can stay with and looking for that to happen here in New London,” said resident Nancy Anglin.

Monday the council voted to put the issue on hold and revisit it at the next meeting on July 16.

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