New Seawall Built at Victoria Beach in Beach

Hurricane Irene and Super Storm Sandy delivered back-toback blows to the shoreline, caused devastating erosion and destroyed property.

East Haven took blows with each storm and a residents along Victoria Beach are celebrating a new new seawall aimed at protecting property.

The Victoria Beach Condo Association paid for the new stone wall, at a cost of about $350,000.

Residents said the wall, designed to protect the residents from nor’easters and major storms, is well worth the price. 

"It’s made to disburse the water rather than the water coming in and crashing up against a wall like this," George Townsend, of East Haven, said.

Townsend has lived in the neighborhood for almost 14 years and said the wall makes him feel safer.

"I think it's going to save these buildings from further damage," he said.

Pat Marchitto, president of the Victoria Beach Condo Association, said the storms eroded the land back to the foundations.

There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday.

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