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New Year's Eve Inspections Focus on Business COVID-19 Rules

NBC Connecticut

New Haven made sure people safely celebrated New Year’s Eve.

On Thursday, a team crisscrossed the city looking to see if businesses were abiding by state coronavirus guidelines.

“We’re hoping we don’t have to shut anyone down,” said Maritza Bond, New Haven's public health director. “This is the time people need to remain vigilant. We are seeing a spike of cases in the city of New Haven in particular. We are definitely concerned.”

Bond was joined by members of the COVID-19 Task Force.

Health staff, building officials and police randomly stopped at spots as they have before during the pandemic.

“We got used to them,” said Moe Gad, owner of Pacifico which was one of the first places the team popped into.

Officials reported finding no issues there.

“Everybody has to behave because if everybody behaves and follows the rules, the virus will go away. Everything will come back to normal and we don’t have to use mask anymore,” said Gad.

The health director said they were looking to make sure people were wearing masks unless eating and having food with drinks.

The city had also received concerns with places advertising events.

“We want to make sure specifically that they are adhering to the capacity concerns. When you’re promoting music on a flyer that you’re not actually dancing unless it’s a wedding banquet,” said Bond.

Other places visited were 50’s on Fitch and Anthony’s Ocean View, both of which authorities said they had previously shut down for breaking COVID rules. This time, they both passed.

“Everyone is tired of COVID. We’re tired of COVID. We want covid to stay in 2020,” said Bond.

The health director said they found no issues at any of the checks we were there for.

They also planned to make sure places did not stay open past 10 p.m. and more of these inspections are expected in the new year until the pandemic has come under control.

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