Newington Toy Store Closing Its Doors Today Due to Supply Chain Problems

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A toy store in Newington is closing its doors on Saturday due to supply chain issues.

It's been a tough journey for the owner of JoJo’s Toys and More. After only a couple of months in operation, the store is closing its doors on Saturday due to difficulties with the supply chain.

The owner was living in Southern California, but was from Connecticut. He always had a dream of opening a toy shop in his home state so he packed up his family, moved back to Connecticut and opened the store in May. The owner named it after his 5-year-old son, JoJo.

Things began to take a turn when months later, the store was waiting for toys that were ordered in April.

Jojo's Toys & More in Newington was meant to bring joy to the community, but they will close their doors for good after struggling with supply chain problems.

Ultimately, the big supply chain issues became too much for the small, family-owned business when the cost of buying products went up. That means the owners had to spend three times as much to buy all the toys in the store.

“Something like this. It was costing us $3.74 for one of these pop toys before. The last order we got, this pop toy, $12.99. My cost. $12.99. In order to keep the lights on and maybe have a little food in my pocket, I have to sell it for $26 bucks! And I told my wife we just can’t, don’t even put them out," said owner Eliah Lefferts.

The store will be open until 7 p.m. and there will be discounts. The owners just want people to come out, buy and help take part in their farewell.

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