Newtown Parents Say “Glee” School Shooting Episode Was Too Soon

Newtown's superintendent warned parents about Thursday night's episode of "Glee."

The Fox network aired an episode of "Glee" on Thursday night that included a school shooting in the plot line and some Newtown parents said it was inconsiderate to air the episode so soon after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The "Glee" episode included students and teachers responding to what they thought was a school shooting.

Supt. Janet Robinson sent an e-mail sent to Sandy Hook parents on Thursday afternoon, warning them that Thursday night's episode of Glee had the potential to be disturbing to many parents and students in Newtown.

"I want to make you aware that the show 'Glee' is featuring what could be a disturbing plot tonight and I want you to be aware so you can make an informed choice about watching this," Robinson wrote.  "According to entertainment blog TVLine, tonight's episode includes shots in the halls 'that rips the frothy high-school musical off its foundation and transports it to a dark and harrowing world.' Allegedly, the rest of the episode is claustrophobic and emotionally charged, as students cower in the rehearsal room and consider their possible fates. This has the potential to be disturbing to many of our students, so I wanted you to know ahead of time."

Tricia Muzzio, who received Robinson's letter, watched the episode of "Glee" with her two daughters, who both went to Sandy Hook Elementary School.

"It was so realistic that I couldn't believe it," Muzzio said. "This close to the tragedy without any warning, I believe was inconsiderate."

Notices from Fox also aired before and during the episode.

In all Muzzio, felt the scenes where students are trying to hide and not attract the attention of the shooter were spot on.

"I said to myself. 'Wow, this is really how it happened," Muzzio said.

Andrew Paley, whose twins are in the 4th grade at Sandy Hook, didn't watch the episode, but warned several town leaders about it.

"Glee" producers had the right to air it, but a heads up would have been nice, he said.

"We're going through a healing phase right now and without giving us any kind of warning, it's going to open up wounds we're trying to close right now," Paley said.

Fox Broadcasting Company said the show Glee has a history of tackling difficult subjects that are top of mind to teenagers and parents. No characters were hurt in the show, but a student later in the episode revealed she brought the gun to school to protect herself.

Newtown parents NBC Connecticut spoke with said the episode was too soon to air.

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