Lieberman to Help Oversee Sandy Hook Fund

The fund has received $8.5 million since the shooting Dec. 14.

newtown strength flag

Former Senator Joseph Lieberman has been picked to help oversee the millions of dollars donated to the Sandy Hook Support Fund.

“I can’t think of anything worse that’s happened in my life in Connecticut, than the murders that occurred at Sandy Hook,” Lieberman said Friday.

A transition team managing the fund asked Lieberman to help advise them in the distribution of the $8.5 million in donations that have been collected since the shooting on Dec. 14.

“I felt a sense of duty,” Lieberman said.

A foundation is being formed and the transition team hopes to start distributing the money as soon as that happens.

“Hopefully quickly. That’s the intent,” said Kim Morgan, a member of the fund's transition team.

Not everyone agrees on how the money should be spent. Some believe it should go towards a memorial, others want it to be spent on scholarships for the students who survived. Sen. Lieberman said it will be a transparent process, with lots of input from the public.

“The community decides how to spend this money, and what else to do to respond to the tragedy,” Lieberman said. “This community will grow stronger in response to this loss.”

Another fund was set up by the United Way of Western Connecticut, to help families of the victims.

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