Norwich Emergency Management Crews Ready

Cites across Connecticut are bracing themselves for the winter storm.

Only a matter of miles in movement from the storm could determine how much snow the residents of Norwich get.

It’s why Emergency Management officials are gearing up all agencies to be ready.

"The fire services, the police services, at what point parking bans are going to go into effect; staging of apparatus and staffing with supplemental personnel," said Gene Arters, Emergency Management Director of Norwich.

The Public Works Department has all 26 salt trucks filled with salt, approximately 120-tons worth (and that's only for their first round).

"Everybody is on call when we see the need to bring folks in we’ll start making calls and everybody will be in within 45 minutes. We’ve already assigned all the routes and put the roster together," said Director of Public Works, Ryan Thompson.

There’s also an extra 5,000 gallons of extra fuel public works has available just in case.

The city also has 16 shelters on stand-by. EMA has filled up a trailer with everything they believe people may need if they have to go to a shelter: wheelchairs, cots, blankets, food and water.

EMA officials say the public can help get ready for the storm, too.

"If the public can do nothing more than bring in all of their recycling containers and trash cans, that is a substantial mitigation with the amount of trash being propelled out into the highways," said Arters.

Norwich city officials are also asking people to follow the parking ban.

"Stay off the roads if you don’t need to be on the roads and you know just be safe. Let the plows do their job," said Thompson.

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