Obama Foundation Hosts Leadership Bootcamp in Hartford

The Obama Foundation is hosting a bootcamp for its Community Leadership Corps program in Hartford this weekend.

Program officials describe the bootcamp as "designed to inspire, empower and connect young leaders ages 18-25 who are passionate about working with others, eager to deepen their understanding of their community and ready to take action."

The program, which lasts six months, includes three in-person trainings with online trainings and coaching support, officials added.

Program participants work in teams to complete a group project that focuses on addressing an issue or opportunity in their community.

On Saturday, there is a prototyping workshop and on Sunday, there is an Ideas Fest. The events will both take place at the Chrysalis Center, Inc. on Homestead Avenue at 4 p.m.

This bootcamp is "an opportunity for Community Leadership Corps project teams to receive feedback on their proposals and identify ways the Obama Foundation can support each other's teamwork," officials said.

After this weekend, teams will begin implementing their plans in their communities as they work to bring positive changes.

The Obama Foundation launched a Community Leadership Corps program in Chicago earlier this year and as well as in Phoenix, Arizona, and Columbia, South Carolina, last year.

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