Oil Co-Op Saving Homeowners Money

The extreme cold this winter has more people looking for cheaper ways to heat their homes.

West Hartford homeowner, Paul Scierra, is turning to Citizens Co-Op to save money on oil.

"Last year it cost me I think $1,600 to heat this house," Scierra said. "Had I been paying retail, it probably would’ve been about $2,200."

Citizens Co-Op Vice President, Rosie Stanko, said they have about 6,000 members in Connecticut.

"We’re usually about $0.40 cheaper than other full service companies," she said.

Members pay an annual fee to the co-op and then they negotiate the prices with the oil companies.

"Prices on oil has really jumped up in the last couple of days because it’s been so cold," Stanko said. "It’s really causing people to look at what they’re paying and especially with how much they’re burning right now."

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