Oops! Dodd’s Twitter Misfire

jeanine nicarico

Sen. Chris Dodd’s almost 13,000 followers got a little bit of a surprise by the language in a tweet from the senator’s account on Thursday morning.

At 11:36 a.m., a tweet went out saying “U love torturing me with this sh**.”

It was the first tweet from the account in two days.

Within three minutes, there was a follow-up: From Dodd Staff - Apologies to Dodd's followers, last tweet was not from Chris Dodd and the original tweet was gone.

While the tweet is gone, it lives on in the Webosphere. Michelle Malkin quickly posted: “D’oh: Sen. Dodd’s Tweet of the Day.”

The tweet was a far cry from the usual tweets, which are usually about appearances he is making, legislation he supports and U.S. policies concerning Latin American.

On Thursday afternoon, Dodd's office issued a statement about the issue.

"Due to a technical mistake, a message was inadvertently sent from Senator Dodd's twitter account. Senator Dodd did not send the message. We have corrected the situation and apologize to his followers for the mistake and inappropriate language used in the message.”

This is Dodd's last year in the Senate. He is not seeking re-election.

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