Southbury Woman Awaits News from Loved Ones in France

A Southbury woman is waiting for answers after friends and loved ones texted her saying they were at the location of the Nice attack.

"I'm sorry but it's too hard to many people assassinated so many lives," said Marda Gutierrez, president of the Alliance Francaise of North Western Connecticut, as she reads her text message.

A friend in Nice, France explained the experience after a man took more than 80 lives by plowing a truck through a Bastille Day celebration Thursday night.

"Traumatized for life... I can't speak about it," Gutierrez read.

She said a friend's teenage daughter is injured.

"A very dear friend whose daughter is hurt and is in the hospital," she said.

Gutierrez's husband grew up in Nice and said France's independence day celebration is something anticipated and enjoyed.

"It would have been a family affair. It would have been everybody out for a night," she explained.

Now she waits for news of her loved ones well-being and hopes no more texts like the one she received comes in the future.

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