Panhandler Stabbed After Fight in New Haven

The victim said he asked the man for cigarette money.

Police are searching for the man who stabbed a 52-year-old panhandler on Monday afternoon in New Haven.

The victim was standing in front of a market in the 300 block of Grand Avenue when he asked a man for money to buy cigarettes and they got into a heated argument, according to police.

When the customer left the store, the argument continued and the victim told police the man had something in his hand and raised it.

The victim thought it was a gun, so he ran across the street.

The other man ran after the victim, stabbed him in the upper back, then got into a black Honda driven by a woman and fled, according to police.

Police and EMTs responded to Grand Street after getting a report through 911.

The victim's injury was minor, according to police, and he was released from Yale- New Haven Hospital after being treated.

Detectives are going through surveillance footage from the area to try and find the assailant.


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