Fears Over School WiFi Transmitter

There were many parents in the library at Maple Hill Elementary, but they all had a similar message: they don't want a WiFi transmitter at their children's school.

"My concerns overall is just the health risk that's imposed by this radio frequency antenna," said Abdul Shabazz, whose daughter attends Maple Hill Elementary.
"They've never done a long term study to know definitively to know what the risks are, or any sort of health risks are in developing children still, and I don't want to have ten years down the road, oh well you know what, maybe there was a risk," said Dawn Postolowski, who has a son in the school.
The Mayor and the Zoning Commission, who approved the $20,000 a year contract, fielded questions and reassured parents that the radio frequency transmitted from the seven-by-seven-foot box on top of the gym would be less than the RF transmitted from everyday appliances, such as microwaves or televisions. Still, some parents weren't satisfied.
"This could open up to have it in this school, amongst others, and open it up it happening in Connecticut," said Michele Linton.
After hearing parents concerns, the Mayor said he'd be talking with the transmitter company to see if there are other places to put the transmitter.
"We'd like to find opportunities to raise revenue in this difficult climate, but we certainly are receptive to exploring if there are other options based on what we've heard this evening and within the past week," said Mayor Bob Mezzo.
There is one catch to the contract. The Board of Ed just learned that the signed document is subject to its approval.
"We just got the contract and we'll have our attorney look at it and find out what the position is on that, but the main thing is the Board is going to do the responsible thing here," said School Superintendent Dr. John Tindall-Gibson.
So now it may be expressing its approval or disapproval.
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