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Parents of Manfredonia Urging Son to Surrender

The search continues for a man accused of killing two men and kidnapping a woman. A spokesperson for the suspect's family said he had history of depression.

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Investigators in Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are piecing together information and calling on homicide suspect, Peter Manfredonia to turn himself in Tuesday night.

What to Know

  • The manhunt for 23-year-old UConn student Peter Manfredonia is continuing across several states. Manfredonia is a suspect in two murders, a home invasion and an abduction in Connecticut on Friday and Saturday.
  • His family, through an attorney, urged him to surrender. Police released a tip line number is 203-503-5555.
  • He was last spotted outside a Walmart in East Strousburg, Pennsylvania where he had an Uber drop him off. Police say he likely does not have a vehicle and may continue using ride-sharing services

While the multi-state search continues, a spokesperson spoke on behalf of Manfredonia’s parents.

“The reports that they are getting regarding him, it’s hard for them to believe the accusations that have been lodged against him,” said attorney Michael Dolan.

Manfredonia is accused of killing two men, one in Willington and another in Derby. He is also accused of kidnapping a woman who was later found in New Jersey. Police say he is armed and dangerous and not to approach him.

According to Dolan, Manfredonia has struggled with mental health and had been receiving therapy.

“Peter has been suffering from depression for a number of years,” said Dolan. “He has sought professional help.”

Dolan describes Manfredonia as an athlete and a scholar.  Manfredonia graduated from Newtown High School where he was a standout football player.  According to the University of Connecticut’s he’s a senior student in the joint, School of Engineering and School of Business Management program.

Dolan said, growing up in Newtown, Manfredonia also sought to help the recovery efforts after the 2012 Sandy Hook shootings.

“I think it affected people differently, the trauma of that event,” said Dolan.  “So I think he saw the way it affected him and the way it affected others.”

Dolan explained that Manfredonia’s parents are doing what they can to assist police in the safe apprehension of their son. According to Dolan the parents don’t believe the suspect would harm law enforcement if approached.

“He may continue to run but they feel once he’s cornered that he will surrender at that point,” said Dolan.

According to Dolan, the family has had no contact with their son but are urging him to surrender.

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