Police ID Woman Who Died After Being Struck By a Vehicle in Berlin

Police continue to look for the vehicle.

Police in Berlin are asking the public for help. They’re looking for the driver who struck and killed a woman walking alongside New Britain Road.

Authorities said 58-year-old Janine Wiktor was hit and killed around 10:40pm Wednesday.

The driver didn’t stop.

Now they’re hoping someone will turn themself in or give them a tip so her family can have some closure.

“It’s somebody’s mother. It’s somebody’s aunt. It’s somebody’s family member,” said Karol Steczkowski, owner of Valiant Martial Arts .

Owners of businesses across from where the deadly crash happened are stunned.

“I can’t believe that happened in front of my business,” said Ferhat Demirer, owner of Empire Pizza.

In the thick of this week’s storm, Berlin Police said they received a call about debris on the road.

But instead, they said Wiktor had been struck and killed by a car while walking on the side of the road pushing a shopping cart.

Those we spoke to think they saw her often around town.

“She was always around with a shopping cart and unfortunately we haven’t seen her and that’s kind of what the general consensus in the area is,” said Steczkowski.

They feel terrible for her and for those who knew her personally, “I feel so bad. I feel so bad,” said Demirer.

Police realize it was raining really hard Wednesday night, but they hope you’d give them a call if you thought you hit something.

“The vehicle that struck this pedestrian would have some significant front-end damage,” said Lt. Drew Gallupe.

Locals said construction is blocking some of the sidewalk and while you wouldn’t expect someone to be walking that late at night in such treacherous weather, you should still do the right thing.

“If you hit someone, why would you escape? Run off. Just pull over and try to help her,” said Demirer.

“And you always hope somebody is going to stop. It kind of makes you question, ‘what kind of society we live in where people won’t even stop after they’ve hit a human being?,’” said Steczkowski.

NBC Connecticut spoke off camera with Wiktor’s brother, who hopes police can find who did this, so his family can have some closure.

Police do not know what kind of vehicle hit Wiktor. They said it wasn’t at the scene when police arrived. It would likely have damage to the front end/bumper, hood, and possibly windshield.

Berlin Police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. 

Leads can be submitted directly to Officer Tom Bobok or anonymously here. 

If anyone notices a vehicle with new damage that fits this description, officers encourage them to contact police immediately. The routine line at police headquarters can be used as well and is (860) 828-7080.

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