Citgo Clerk Accused of Making Up Stabbing, Robbery

A clerk at a Citgo Convenience Store in North Haven who said he was stabbed in the neck during a robbery on Feb. 4 is accused of making the story up.

Police responded to the store at 490 Washington Avenue at 12:10 a.m. after a stabbing was reported and found 55-year-old Arsene Ndabian, who with a puncture wound in the base of the skull.

Ndabian said he tried to block the robber from the register and that's when he was stabbed.

"He showed me his knife.  I said 'you can't go there.'"

Police said Ndabian had been working at the store for about a month. His wife became nervous when he did not come home, so she tried to reach him by cell phone. 

When she could not get in contact with him, she drove to the store and found him bleeding severely, police said.

This happened days after a masked man went into the same store with a knife and demanded money, police said. Police said that robbery does seem to be legitimate.

Ndabian lives in Stratford and has five children.

The owners of the station also own stores in Bridgeport and Stratford and said there have been robberies there as well.

Witnesses or anyone with information regarding about the Feb. 1 stabbing should call the Investigative Services Division of the North Haven Police Department at 203-239-5321.

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