Police Warning Milford Residents About Shed Break-ins

There are new warnings from Milford police and also from people who have had their own property targeted, about thieves breaking into backyard sheds and stealing valuable equipment.

At least ten cases have been reported to police in the last ten days, most of which occurred in the northwest part of the city. In some of the incidents, sheds were broken into while the property owners were asleep inside their home.

Phylis Santora said she looked out into her backyard and knew instantly that something about her shed did not look right.

“When I went out there, I realized the doors were busted and things were missing out of the shed," Santora said.

Santora said her newer heavy duty snow blower was stolen. She said the single piece of equipment was valued at about one thousand dollars.

"They busted the whole frame off," said Santora. She said she and her husband were asleep inside their home when someone entered their backyard and forced the shed doors open.

"It’s just scary that people are back there," she said.

Neighbors said nearly a dozen other properties had been hit, with the thieves targeting things like leaf blowers, snow blowers and generators.

Karen Hanson's said a three hundred dollar chainsaw was taken from her shed.

"Sure enough, they had busted open the lock and stole our chainsaw," said Hanson.

No one on Dale Drive where many of the break-ins had been reported wanted to be targeted again.

“We have a bigger lock we put on," said Hanson. "We have motion-detectors in the backyard, just being more vigilant, more aware of what’s going on.”

Milford Police told residents that there would be increased patrolling in the northwest part of the city. The department also warning people on social media to lock their sheds and report any suspicious activity or vehicles in the area.

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