Police Warning: Watch Out for Burglars

Hartford Police have seen a rash of winter break-ins.


Hartford Police sent out a warning to the public Monday, that they need to lock up after a rash of burglaries. 

They told NBC Connecticut they have made numerous arrests during the last few months, and have been aggressively following leads on other persons of interest. 

“They just kicked in the bar and just dented the bar in,” David Hill said after his home was recently broken into. 

He left his window open, and his place near Barry Square was ransacked.  “They basically just rifled through everything, my room was completely trashed,” Hill added.  He said whoever broke in got away with pricey electronics too.

Police said they have seen a spike in break-in’s this winter because there’s no snow on the ground.  This has made it easy for suspects walk through yards and driveways, and end up in your home, especially if you leave your doors and windows unlocked.  “I learned the hard way I guess.“

They want the public to learn from this mistake, along with being aware of whose walking around in your neighborhood, and watch for anything suspicious.

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