Potholes Return With Warmer Weather

Potholes are popping up on roads across Connecticut, and drivers’ cars— and bank accounts— could take a hit.

Pothole damage could cost in the hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to fix.

“Not only can it damage your tire and the rim, but it can cause alignment problems that can really cause expenses that go far beyond $1,000,” said AAA spokesperson Amy Parmenter.

The vast majority of drivers who suffer car damage via pothole don’t receive any financial compensation from state or town officials.

Connecticut has 46,000 lane miles-worth of public roads, and officials are in charge of maintaining them, including filling potholes. But potholes are part of life in New England, and it’s hard for drivers to prove any negligence.

Parmenter says drivers are better off sticking to best practices.

“If you know that hitting a pothole is inevitable, don’t slam on your breaks, but do what you can to slow down so that you can minimize the damage,” said Parmenter.

Even if financial compensation is not an option, reporting potholes can help in other ways.

“It’s those reported potholes that are going to get the attention of the towns or the state sooner than any pothole that may not be reported,” said Parmenter.

She adds, be especially aware of the right side of the road. That’s where potholes will often disguise themselves as harmless puddles.

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