Psychic to Assist in Search for Missing Middletown Man

A New York state psychic will join police to search areas of interest relating to a missing Middletown man case.

Police and Juanita Szafrankski will search New Haven's East Rock Park starting at 11:30 a.m.

Szafrankski is an evidential medium from Lockport, New York. She has assisted in other missing people cases.


Peter Recchia, 59, was reported missing the afternoon of Thursday, Oct. 3. Hours prior, he matched the description of a man who entered a house in Hamden, police said.

Hamden Police say they responded at 4:15 a.m. on Oct. 3 to a call after a 76-year old woman heard footsteps in her house then found a man sitting at her kitchen table.

Upon arrival, Hamden police say they found the man walking southbound on State Street. Officers determined he wasn’t a danger to himself or others. After a warrant search came up negative, they let him go. An internal investigation is being done to understand the details of the situation more clearly.

Middletown Police say that while Recchia was “reported” missing, a silver alert was not issued until further investigation was done and it wasn’t posted until Oct. 7, which could explain why the warrant search came up empty.

“(Recchia) wouldn't have come up missing or endangered or anything of that nature because it was hours before he had been reported missing,” said Lt. Heather Desmond, Middletown Police.

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