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Quinnipiac Issues Alert, Switches Temporarily to Remote Classes Amid COVID Uptick

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Quinnipiac University is moving up to an orange alert level amid a surge in coronavirus cases.

“When cases are spiking you have a situation where people aren’t being as responsible as they could be this is just something that’s going to happen,” said Jonathan Banks, a Quinnipiac graduate student.

On Wednesday, the school reported 55 new cases since Monday.

Among the changes now underway is a move to all virtual classes for at least the rest of this week.

“They’re telling everybody on-campus and off-campus to stay with their family unit, try limit where you go and not go out as much and interact with other people,” said Katie O’Keefe, a Quinnipiac senior.

Quinnipiac also announced some asymptomatic students in on-campus quarantine are going to be tested and moved to a hotel in Wallingford.

That move is to help free up isolation space on campus if more is required.

In a message to the Quinnipiac community, the school’s senior medical advisor on the COVID-19 Task wrote in part:

With the holiday season quickly approaching, experts are suggesting creating a family or community bubble as the safest way to enjoy this year's holiday celebrations while reducing your risk of COVID-19 and the flu. NBCLX storyteller Clark Fouraker shares a holiday bubble checklist that your holiday group can adopt in the days and weeks before your gatherings to ensure everyone stays safe.

“We are taking these measures in order to reverse the trend in COVID cases.”

Other steps include only offering takeout dining, putting on hold all in-person events and allowing eligible staff to work from home.

It all comes just days after the school announced about 20 students were being sent home after attending an event in New Haven that allegedly broke state COVID-related guidelines.

“I think there are a lot of repercussions for those who violate the rules and regulations that are here to keep us safe,” said O’Keefe.

The school is also continuing its extensive testing program.

We’re told the school will later make a decision about whether in-person classes can resume next week.

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