Search Is On For Hit & Run Driver

QU Student Remains in Critical Condition

A small, gray car was seen speeding away from a violent pedestrian crash that put a Quinnipiac student in critical condition, say Hamden police.

Robert Aliano, 21, of Miller Place, NY, was hit early Saturday morning while trying to cross Whitney Ave. near the intersection of Renshaw Rd. 

Aliano, a psychology major, is the third person to be hit by a car in that area in the past year-and-a-half. 

Some students expressed concern about their safety. "I think that's awful, it shouldn't happen on a campus. It shouldn't happen anywhere," said Jessica Brun, a freshman student at Qunnipiac.

Valentine Lysikatos, a recent University graduate, expressed similar concerns.  "It's really upsetting when you go to school and one of your classmates is hit," Lysikatos said. "Even if you don't know them, it's upsetting," she added.

Last year, another student was hit and killed while crossing Whitney Avenue near Sherman. And earlier this year. a 19-year-old suffered a broken leg after a car hit her on Whitney.

As word of the latest accident spread among students, some said they wanted to see a change.

"Reduce the speed limit and put up more signs," Brun said.

However, not everyone said they thought Whitney Avenue is prone to accidents. Valentine said that it is up to students to watch where they’re going.

"It’s a busy street, the speed limit is 35, and I think that’s normal for this area," Valentine said.

A University spokesperson said counselors would be available to Aliano's friends on campus.

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