Colleges Combat Sexual Assaults

Walking around the campus of Central Connecticut State University it's hard to miss the red flags dotting the snow-covered quad.

The message is also draped on buildings with signs reading, "Say something if you see a relationship flag."

This school is taking the issue of sexual assaults seriously.

"It is not only the victim that needs to speak up but we all need to speak up," said Rosa Rodriguez, CCSU Diversity Officer.

The Red Flag Campaign is a way for everyone on campus to get involved in reporting violence.

One sophomore said she recently helped her friend get the help she needed after being sexually harassed.

"I pretty much made the call for her and she was very grateful," the student said.

The issue of sexual assaults on college campuses came to light after seven UConn students came forward this past fall accusing their school of not protecting them from sexual assault.

UConn is in the process of making changes and now state legislators are looking to strengthen the laws already on the books.

They held a public hearing on Tuesday.

The bill would increase reporting requirements, training and services to victims.

"We need to look beyond rules and regulations and emphasize response," said Rep. Roberta Willis, the chair of the higher education committee.

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