Regional Water Authority Investigating Discoloration in Water in Ansonia


The Regional Water Authority is investigating after receiving several reports of water discoloration in Ansonia.

RWA officials said a customer in northeast Ansonia noticed slight discoloration in her water a few weeks ago. A couple of weeks later, the same resident was still seeing discolored water.

Crews said that because of hot weather and talking with nearby fire departments, they learned that hydrants were being opened, which historically causes temporary discoloration, officials said.

On Aug. 22, RWA crews said they found out about several other incidents of discolored water in the area. The following day, they collected a water sample from a home and one from each of their four distribution tanks in the area. The next day, they collected additional water samples throughout the area, officials said.

Three of the four tank samples and the sample from a private home showed slightly elevated levels of color and turbidity, which is a measure of water clarity, crews said. The samples were still within state and federal guidance limits.

"Our team is consistently collecting additional water samples from the area and performing water-quality testing in an effort to monitor conditions," RWA officials said in a statement.

"While we are working closely with the Connecticut Department of Public Health to find the root cause and put an end to this event, we feel strongly this situation is related to recent weather, most notably the near-record rainfall we've experienced over the past several weeks. This has been disruptive to our reservoirs and a challenge to manage. This is our responsibility and on us to correct, and we are doing that," the statement continued.

The company says it'll continue providing updates to consumers and officials. Customers who experience temporary discolored water are urged to call the customer care center at 203-562-4020.

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