Residents to Vote on Funding for Tolland School's Crumbling Concrete Repairs

A vote on Tuesday will determine what happens to a school in Tolland dealing with a crumbling foundation.

Community members have had several meetings, all to prepare them for Tuesday's vote.

It's a big decision, but the district said it's a decision that needs to be made to fix the Birch Grove Primary School's crumbling foundation.

Fixing Birch Grove Primary School will cost $46 million and on Tuesday, residents will be voting to approve that bond.

The state has agreed to pay 52 percent of that, but that leaves more than $20 million up to the taxpayers to cover.

The town said they're still hoping for federal support as well.

This comes after tests confirmed the mineral linked to crumbling concrete called pyrrhotite is present in the foundation.

If the referendum is approved, the two-year construction project will begin as soon as this school year ends.

“I would expect that within days to weeks after the end of the school year and kids officially vacating, that a lot of progress will be seen on this building alone and those portables will be out there by the first week in August or mid-August at the latest,” said Tolland Superintendent of Schools Walter Willett.

During the repairs, students will be in portable classrooms.

Voting begins at 6 a.m. at the Tolland Library in the Program Room.

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