Man Charged with Murder After Intentional Hit-And-Run

The victim's ex-girlfriend witnessed the crime from the Passenger Seat

Kevin Bialowas is facing murder charges after he allegedly hit and killed a man with his pickup truck while his victim's ex-girlfriend sat next to him in the passenger seat.

Bialowas, 45, allegedly ran down 33-year-old Steven A. Germano on July 14 in Norwich, police told The New London Day. 

During the investigation, police interviewed Jennifer Sanford, a woman who said she had recently split with Germano when the incident occurred, according to the arrest warrant. 

She and Bialowas were driving from her house when Germano began to follow in his truck.  At some point, Bialowas lost control of his vehicle and sideswiped a telephone pole. Germano then managed to pull ahead, blocking the pick-up's path, according to Sanford, at which point Germano got out of his car and yelled "Come on."

Bialowas began to back up, and then "she said Bialowas put his truck back into drive and said, "(expletive) him," the warrant said, according to The Day. "She stated when Germano realized Bialowas was not going to stop, he jumped up and landed on the hood of the truck. She said Bialowas drove his truck around Germano's truck, and when he did this Germano fell to the pavement."

Bialowas denied knowing anything about the accident when questioned by police but, when they located his 2003 Ford F-150 there was damage consistent with a collision with a pedestrian and with a utility pole, according to The Day.

After Germano's death six days later, the hospital ruled his death a homicide with blunt force trauma as the cause of death.

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