Board of Education to Vote on West Hartford School Start Times

A few minutes are making for quite the debate in West Hartford. On Tuesday, school leaders are set to vote on whether to push the start time of schools.

The controversial change has stemmed from studies that point to students performing better in school when they get more sleep.

When you ask parents and teachers what they think, most people are on the same page.

Back in June, a survey was given to the 1,000 parents and teachers in the district.

It found a majority of people are in favor of later start times for the high school.

They also like the idea for the middle school, but by a smaller margin.

As for the elementary schools, most are happy with the current start times.

The Board of Education has narrowed it down to four options.

The first option is a one hour delay for high schools and a 25 minute delay for elementary schools.

The second option is a varying delay for all schools except the middle school, which would start 20 minutes earlier.

The third option is delaying start times on Wednesdays only for high schools and middle schools.

The final option is to keep all start times the same.

The vote is slated to be made at 7 p.m

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