Search and Seizure Warrants Served at Town Halls in Old Saybrook, Westbrook

Old Saybrook Police executed two search and seizure warrants for the Old Saybrook Town Hall and Westbrook Town Hall on Friday.

Officers looked for all documents, pay roll records, employee expectations, email communication, among other items related to Fire Marshal Donn Dobson, according to a page of the search warrant for the Old Saybrook Town Hall.

Police also looked for municipal access control system logs from June 18, 2016 to May 3, 2017 related to Dobson and searched his town vehicle, according to that warrant.

The rest of the warrant is sealed.

Dobson stood by Friday afternoon as officers removed several items, including a brief case, from his work vehicle. 

Old Saybrook Police Lt. Kevin Roche would not confirm whether officers were specifically looking into Dobson, who serves as a full-time fire marshal for the town.

Additionally, police confirmed Dobson is a part-time fire marshal in the Town of Westbrook. State police aided in the investigation in Westbrook.

NBC Connecticut briefly spoke with Dobson Friday, but he did not want to comment.

Friday’s search was a culmination of a months-long investigation, according to Roche, who would not give information on how it started.

All town officials are complying with the investigation, according to police. Old Saybrook’s First Selectman Carl P. Fortuna, Jr. agreed that he and his staff are cooperating with officers.

The information officers obtained on Friday will take a while to analyze, Roche said.

It is unknown whether an arrest or charges will come of the investigation.

“We’d have to make that determination with consultation with the State’s Attorney’s Office,” Roche said.

Dobson has worked for the Town of Old Saybrook since Aug. 31, 1998.

The Town of Madison’s Human Resources Department confirmed Dobson is also a per diem assistant fire marshal there, but Madison is not part of the investigation, said Roche.

The Old Saybrook Fire Department released a statement, saying the town fire department and Old Saybrook Office of the Fire Marshal are two separate agencies.

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