Seaside State Park in Waterford to Bring Money to Town

A multi-million dollar Seaside State Park in Waterford could bring in some much needed cash according to park officials.

"State park lodge, hiking trails, fishing pier, boat launch and a place for people to go to the beach," said communications director, Dennis Schain.

Schain said the $10 million project would flow money back to the parks and state.

Back in 2009 park officials said they lost $6 million from the conservation fund which were redirected to the general fund.

"The state would benefit through a contract from some of the revenue from that lodge" said Schain.

Wendy Eckholm walks her dog Ben through the more than 30-acre area once a week. She liked the idea of a new hotel, restaurants and outdoor add-ons.

"I think it's a lovely idea. I think it should be open to the public like it has been for years," said visitor Wendy Eckholm.

As for the historic buildings peppered along the shoreline, park officials said there's plans for them too.

"There are historic buildings there, we believe they can be reused and converted into what we call a state park lodge," said Schain.

While the thought of more spending in Connecticut is no day in the sun, park officials said they're looking for long term payouts. Since this is a capital project they're hoping the bond committee will let this project shine.

"These are tough times the state is facing difficulties but it's important to make investments for the future," said Schain.

If the the project is funded the new seaside could be seen in 2020.

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