Seniors Knit Baby Blankets for Newborns at St. Francis Hospital

Some of Connecticut’s most senior residents are giving to the youngest ones.

The ladies of the Atria Greenridge Place assisted living home in Rocky Hill have been knitting and crocheting for months to give a special gift to a newborn baby.

"They’re all different whatever comes to mind. I just pick a color,” said Karen Poerschke, Rocky Hill. “It’s just nice to see a mother using it for the baby."

The women made 18 blankets for newborns at Saint Francis Hospital in Hartford.

"It really means a lot to them, said Erin Guiliano, Atria Greenridge Place. “They know that some of these parents don’t have anything and especially with the holidays coming up and with the colder months coming up they wanted to make sure these babies are going home warm."

One of the babies to receive a blanket was Janai Taylor, who is just two days old.

"She’ll be wrapped up in this when we go home tomorrow," said new mother, Ashley Simpson. "I will tell her that a nice lady made this blanket for her. This will be the first blanket she wore at home."

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