Shelton High School Senior Killed in Crash

The Shelton community is mourning a high school student who was killed in a crash early Sunday morning.

Shelton police say 17-year-old Edmund Conklin was driving on Bridgeport Avenue between the Crown Point Plaza and Long Hill Cross Road at 4:45 a.m. when the accident occurred. When police arrived they found Conklin’s vehicle rolled over and Conklin outside the vehicle. He was transported to the hospital for treatment but he did not survive his injuries.

Police say they’ve been in touch with school officials and that the Shelton High School crisis team has been enacted.

Superintendent Chris Clouet informed the district in a letter posted on the Shelton Public Schools website.

“Sadly, I must communicate with all of you that a young man, a senior at Shelton High School, died today as a result of a car accident,” he wrote. “More details will be forthcoming. First and foremost, this is a family tragedy; secondly, a shock to the entire school community. For Shelton High School students, support will be available at the high school. Please hold this young man in your thoughts and prayers.”

High School headmaster Dr. Beth A. Smith tweeted that Conklin was a senior. Support will be available for students at the school.

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