Shelton Residents Evacuate on Fire Boats

Residents were asked to evacuate from the Maples section of Shelton

Several people living in the Maples section of Shelton were evacuated by fire boat on Thursday afternoon.

Rising waters from the Housatonic River spilled over into the neighborhood and flooded it for the second time in a week. The same section of town was evacuated when Tropical Storm Irene struck.

"We're just going to keep an eye on it right now," Shelton Assistant Fire Chief Paul Wilson said. "There are people that have opted to stay, they were made aware of the evacuation process and we'll take it from there."

A couple rescued by boat is now staying in a hotel, Wilson said. An elderly woman who was helped from her home was taken to the hospital for observation.

Power was cut to the end of the street, which is why people were asked to leave, but not everyone did.

Brian Johnson rode out the flood in his home.

"The water has gone down a bit, so we're going to ride it out," Johnson said. "I got the generator running already and we'll just pretend like it's Hurricane Irene all over again."

This is third time the area has flooded in the last six months, residents said. The first flood was in March, during the spring thaw, then Irene caused waters to rise and now this.

The waters were receding on Thursday evening but the evacuation order remains in effect until Friday.

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