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Shoreline Community Monitoring Isaias

Authorities say concern level is "moderate" but advise preparedness.

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The calm before the storm: people in Old Saybrook were enjoying a beautiful day on Saturday.

People on the shoreline know what mother nature can do and have seen weather at its worst. So, even as Isaias heads north, authorities are urging caution.

“We want people to think about this,” said Old Saybrook Police Chief Michael Spera. “Put it at the back of your mind and then come Monday, let’s watch that forecast together and start to get things ready around your house to prepare for a storm.”

Old Saybrook police say they are monitoring weather and making sure they have supplies ready and their shelter stocked in case they need it. They are also staying in constant contact with beaches and marinas.

“Some boat owners will certainly go down, check their vessels and maybe tighten up the lines a little bit,” said Spera.

With the storm expected to bring high winds and heavy rain to the northeast by Tuesday, the Coast Guard warned boaters in Connecticut to prepare for possible high surf and dangerous rip currents. Boat owners are taking this warning seriously.

“We’re gonna put extra lines on the boat right now and wait and see what the storm does,” said Chris Aiudi who ports his boat in an Old Saybrook Marina.

On the shoreline, people we spoke with are monitoring the situation carefully and taking a wait-and-see approach.

“It’s kind of early to figure out because the path of the storm sometimes changes,” said Mary Banks of Westbrook. “So, you kind of never know until it gets a little closer.”

Old Saybrook police describe the level of concern right now as “moderate.” They say their biggest concern is power outages because many people there rely on well water and water pumps to operate their systems. Their advice is to be prepared.

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