Six Stamford Emergency Responders Test Positive for COVID-19

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Six emergency response providers in Stamford have tested positive for COVID-19.

Mayor David Martin said in a statement Tuesday that the city began testing all asymptomatic emergency response providers last week.

Three hundred twenty of Stamford’s emergency response providers have been tested, including Stamford’s Police Department, Fire Department, Stamford Emergency Medical Services, 911 Communication, and Department of Health nurses at testing sites.

Two hundred and six test results are in and six have tested positive while 200 have tested negative.

The city is awaiting results on an additional 114 tests given to emergency response providers so far this week.

“One of the very best ways to stop the spread of this virus is to identify individuals who are spreading it without showing symptoms,” Mayor Martin said in a statement. “Our emergency response providers are on the frontlines fighting against this virus and it is our responsibility as a City to ensure they remain healthy — both for their safety, the safety of their families, and for the safety of the public.”

Testing will continue for the rest of this week.

Emergency response providers who tested positive are quarantined and emergency response providers who tested negative will be tested again within a few weeks even if they continue to be asymptomatic.

The city intends to expand its asymptomatic testing program to essential workers at nursing homes and senior living facilities as more testing capacity becomes available.

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