Ski Report: Despite Warmer Temps, Snow Still Enjoyable

The snow may have melted from Connecticut backyards, but there's still plenty on the slopes.

"We do not depend on Mother Nature," explains Jarrod Moss, who is part of the mountain operations at Ski Sundown in New Hartford. "Two feet of snow a couple weeks ago is a great shot in the arm and it's making conditions fantastic. The fact is there's a snow making base out there that was laid in place long before that ever happened and the base depths are deep."

It's about 5 to 10 feet deep.

While temperatures will sky rocket into the 60s later this week, the snow pack covering the 65 acres of Sundown insulates itself-- meaning it's not going anywhere, anytime soon.

"If you come out in the morning, you're going to find good, firm, edgeable snow," Moss said. "Just like you would any day of the year and then you're greeted with an afternoon or pleasure and bliss as far as I'm concerned." 

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