Small Acts Resonate for Local Police After Tragedy in Dallas

After tragedy in Dallas where five law enforcement officers were killed in an apparent ambush, people from across Connecticut are showing their support to local officers though acts of kindness.

Someone left a small bouquet of flowers outside the Naugatuck Police Department and officers who were arriving for work early this morning and those leaving after competing their shifts noticed it.

Later, someone else brought doughnuts. 

Wallingford residents brought doughnuts and flowers to local police as well. 

In Waterford, two young sisters went to the police station with their mom and dropped off handwritten notes and a badge they crafted. 

"Thank you ladies, we really appreciate your support," a post on the Waterford Police Facebook page says.

The Columbia Resident State Trooper's Office was also the recipient of an act of kindness when someone dropped off Dunkin' Donuts. 

Naugatuck expressed their thanks on Facebook and the first message on the Naugatuck Police Facebook page reads in part:

“That small sign is a very big gesture as it shows that "our" service .... "Ours" being "All police officers", as we all carry the burden of each other's actions .... Is appreciated by members of this great community ....

“On behalf of all the women and men of the Naugatuck PD .... Thank you .... We will be here ....”

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